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    Based on the episode description alone, I had high expectations for "Fluffer." Schmidt tries to date a hot Republican? Nick and Jess take their relationship to the next level!? Sign me up!

    Jess & Nick Examine Their Relationship

    I felt that Nick and Jess' chemistry was off tonight, though. There have been moments where you could cut the sexual tension with a butter knife, but I thought they were pretty flat this week. Their last scene, however, was great. Now that they've admitted their mutual attraction for each other, they're definitely getting together. Nick and Jess 'shippers... get ready! 

    Schmidt's run as Tug Romney was funny because Schmidt can do no wrong, but the laughs were hollow until he called CeCe at the end of the episode. Props to New Girl for turning a total throwaway plot into a touching scene that took us a little deeper into Schmidt's past. I'm also really glad CeCe is back in Schmidt's life. He needs her, whether they're dating or not. One of her pearls of wisdom made it to the New Girl quotes page, along with so many other great lines from the episode. 

    And Winston gets his first plot this season involving people outside the loft! Things aren't going well with Shelby, but with no context it's hard to tell if something happened between them or if she's just not feeling it anymore. Hopefully, we'll find out more next Tuesday. I could also stand to wait a little longer just so Winston can keep making those ridiculous sex-deprived faces. 

    But the most important question I'm left with after "Fluffer" is what else is on Nick's Sexy Mix!? Let's make this CD a reality, people. 

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    This week's New Girl put an interesting spin on Jess and the gang.

    When a group of really young 20-somethings trying to figure out life move in next door, Jess and friends are no longer the young, crazy 20-somethings trying to find themselves, they're the late 20-somethings (or 30, in Nick's case) showing their age.

    Jess Tries to Fit In

    There were a lot of great New Girl quotes in "Neighbors, but I thought the plot brought out Jess' most annoying side. I usually love her twee-ness, but her imitating 80s catch lines was too much for me.

    I do adore the idea of a pop culture standard being lost on a younger generation, though. Like that time in eighth grade when all my friends thought “I Can't Get No Satisfaction” was a Britney Spears original.

    The guys were in rare form this week. They were all hilarious, and in an even rarer twist, Winston and Nick outshone Schmidt. Of course, Schmidt's delivery was flawless, but Nick's prank vendetta was amazing. And he came in under budget! His best prank? Schmidt's disgustingly high-waisted pants. The reveal was perfect. I couldn't stop laughing.

    After seeing Nick's dedication, Winston realizes that he needs to commit to his passion. His “promotion” was well deserved, but his best bit this week was his inability to come up with the perfect prank.

    New Girl Season 2 has started off with a solid string of episodes and the possibilities for the rest of the season are limitless. What do you want to see happen?

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    Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

    It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite Fox star! We have chosen 16 stars for this fan-driven showdown. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

    Emily Deschanel and Chris Colfer started us off, followed by Jane Lynch and Mindy Kaling, and Anna Torv and Kiefer Sutherland. Today, it's New Girl Zooey Deschanel against Raising Hope's Lucas Neff. Vote!

    We will post polls of these respective Fox matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

    It's easy, fun and all decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of TVF FOX field:

    Fox Bracket

    First-round matchups to come: David Boreanaz vs. Cat Deeley; Lea Michele vs. Ryan Seacrest; Simon Cowell vs. Max Greenfield; Michaela Conlin vs. Joshua Jackson.

    NBC and other brackets still to come! Happy voting!

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    Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

    It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite Fox star! We have chosen 16 stars for this fan-driven showdown. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

    So far: Emily Deschanel and Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch and Mindy Kaling, Anna Torv and Kiefer Sutherland, Zooey Deschanel and Lucas Neff, David Boreanaz and Cat Deeley, and Lea Michele and Ryan Seacrest.

    Today, it's New Girl's Max Greenfield against X Factor's Simon Cowell! Vote!

    We will post polls of these respective Fox matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

    It's easy, fun and all decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of TVF FOX field:

    Fox Bracket

    First-round matchups to come: Michaela Conlin vs. Joshua Jackson.

    NBC and other brackets still to come! Happy voting!

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    I didn't buy him a cookie, but I've been thinking about Schmidt all night.

    On "Models,"New Girl fans bore witness to what makes this Max Greenfield creation one of the funniest and most unique individuals on television.

    The episode didn't feature too many classic Schmidt quotes (although we did learn Brian Austin Green was his favorite rapper in college and that he takes mama-birding very seriously), but instead depicted this classic character in all his caring, outlandish glory.

    The Modeling Discussion

    Schmidt cares about what other people think. A LOT. He's all about the proper outfit and the coolest clubs and, well, his very own towel.

    But he's also all about his friends, from purchasing them sweet desserts to turning down their beds and even, apparently, watching porn by their sides on occasion. It's a seemingly hypocritical dichotomy, Schmidt's shallow side always concerning itself with the impressions he makes versus his sensitive side just doing whatever the heck it wants as long as it makes his friends smile.

    Yet therein lies the difference: Schmidt may worry about how others view him, but his sole concern with his roommates and CeCe is how he makes them feel. He just wants them to be happy, regardless of the unusual steps necessary to get them there.

    Like Nick admitted, Schmidt just loves him a whole lot.

    The clear theme of the night was friendship and how we express our feelings about those to whom we're closest. For Schmidt, it was buying Nick a cookie. For Jess, it was initially suggesting that CeCe is above modeling (and butt-drinking, two of Nick's favorite things!), only for her to them come to her pal's hungover need and give the high-heeled occupation a shot.

    It was an epic, hilarious fail, which led to a sweet moment between the BFFs, this one not involving any boob fighting.

    Overall, every character on New Girl could be considered the turtle of my sitcom life. Each is well-written, multi-layered and, most importantly of all, funny as heck. Even you, Winston. You're getting there at least.

    So if you'll excuse me, I will now go think about Jay Cutler. Browse through our updated section of New Girl quotes and, come on readers, let's all wish Nick Miller a good night together.

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    Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

    It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite Fox star! We have chosen 16 stars for this fan-driven showdown. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

    Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch started off round two yesterday in an all-Glee matchup. Now it's New Girl Zooey Deschanel against Fringe star Anna Torv! Cast your virtual ballots below!

    We will post polls of these respective Fox matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

    Here's the updated Tournament of TVF FOX field:

     FOX QFs

    Second-round matchups to come: David Boreanaz vs. Lea Michele; Max Greenfield vs. Joshua Jackson. Happy voting!

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    Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

    It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite Fox star! We have chosen 16 stars for this fan-driven showdown. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

    Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch started off round two, followed by Zooey Deschanel and Anna Torv and David Boreanaz and Lea Michele. Today, it's Fringe's Joshua Jackson against New Girl's Max Greenfield. Vote!

    We will post polls of these respective Fox matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

    Here's the updated Tournament of TVF FOX field:

     FOX QFs

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    We spent time with Honest Abe on New Girl this week. As well as honest Jess and honest Nick and honest Winston, as "Halloween" forced every roommate to confront his or her biggest fear.

    No, not low thread count towels. Relationships and feelings. Those things can be scary!

    The Halloween Discussion

    Jess, for example, realized that she does have actual feelings for Sam beyond their adventures in No Pants City. After all, the guy is a doctor ("He cares about people for a living!")

    But the giant scars painted on her haunted house-based face will heal a lot faster than the ones now covering her heart after she opened up to the pediatrician and was quickly dismissed. Are we being slowly set up here for Jess and Nick?

    The latter also faced the frightening prospect of actually confronting his feelings, only this time they were in the negative sense. It takes a lot to tell a woman you don't like her, but painful lip biting will definitely do it.

    With these two single, many in the New Girl universe will be pushing for the inevitable Nick and Jess hookup to take place in the very near future. But why mess with a good thing, which the show clearly has going for it now? Remember the lesson Nick learned tonight: it's easy to be let down by what you think you always wanted.

    Elsewhere, I actually find puns incredibly sexy, so I'd totally date someone who reigned cats and dogs for Halloween. But I don't blame Winston for getting out of that sex-less relationship. Without intercourse, after all, a girlfriend is just a friend you buy meals for. Truer words have never been spoken by Schmidt.

    Especially when it comes to Abraham Lincoln. I haven't thought about that ex-President once today!

    I have a feeling many female viewers, however, will be thinking a whole lot about Schmidt's Plan B costume. The guy's thighs are like fleshy tree trunks, even Robbie couldn't help but be impressed. And even he must know that Cece and Schmidt are destined to be together again.

    Overall, another terrific episode that balanced heart and humor. Visit our New Girl quotes section for a few of the evening's best gems and let's all try to think of what the heck Schmidt dresses as for Purim.

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    New Girl this week featured a mysterious Asian mentor; multiple examples of supposedly calming water massage; sympathy PMS; actual PMS; and guest star Carla Gugino doing her best Fifty Shades of Grey impression.

    And yet "Menzies" was filled with as much sentiment as any sitcom episode you'll see this year.

    Yup, that's the ridiculous beauty of New Girl.

    Schmidt Gets Kinky

    The show can refer to the Red Devil in Jess' belly one second, and then later turn that development into a heartfelt conversation in which Jess admits she has questions about herself as a mother. You know, because her "baby box" sabotaged her.

    There's no doubt events this week will once again get viewers talking about Jess dating Nick, but there's simply no reason for New Girl to go there yet. Their relationship is perfect as is, both for the sake of humor and friendship.

    And, my goodness, Jake Johnson was on fire throughout. He simply killed every scene, from Nick's everyday, over-the-top anger (at those awful doors!) to simpler expressions such as when he went with it and tossed away his pants by the pool.

    Nick may have worried that the moment got away from him while he lay in the wet arms of a quiet stranger, but Johnson takes advantage of every second he's on screen, both big and small.

    Schmidt is less subtle, of course, but no less hilarious. In the same way there's a fine line between sexual harassment and something awesome, Max Greenfield manages to perfectly navigate the multiple sides to this amazing character, telling CeCe the two of them sold their qualms (and used the profits to buy perfect bodies), while then adding he's a "monster" because he'll never stop wanting to kiss his NOT-nice ex.

    Seriously, how can CeCe resist?!? The guy is totally absurd and unusually romantic, all in the same breath.

    Even Winston had his moments tonight. I looked it up and there's no such thing as Sympathy PMS. That's just stupid (where would the tampons go?!?). But this self-diagnosis was used to reveal Winston's sensitive side. The guy is lonely. And he also doesn't like to be touched by his friend in the pool, apparently.

    A terrific episode all around. Visit our New Girl quotes section to revisit the best lines and remember two things:

    1. The enemy is the inner me.
    2. Be wary of any sex contract that guarantees mercury poisoning.

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    We're about to learn whether the bitter apple fell far from the cynical tree on New Girl.

    According to TV Line, veteran actor Dennis Farina (last seen on HBO's Luck) has been cast on a January episode of the Fox sitcom as Walter Miller, Nick's estranged con man of a father.

    Look for son to be suspicious of father, but for the former's roommates to be giddy over meeting Nick's old man.


    As always, remember to visit our updated section ofNew Girl quotes following every new episode of this hilarious Tuesday night hit.

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    I'll be honest: I haven't been loving New Girl Season 2 as much as I loved New Girl season 1. Until tonight's "Eggs," I mostly watched the show for Schmidt, simply tolerating Jess and the rest of the gang.

    But I can easily admit I was thrilled with this episode. it could be because it spoke to me personally since I am a 27-year old single female.

    Or, what I really think happened, is that everyone had a storyline I was invested in. Nick is likable when he is trying to do something productive with his life, even if it is writing a zombie novel, where the black guy dies first because it's a staple of the drama. Yes, New Girl. It's these smart lines that keep me coming back. And the fact that Nick can't spell "rhythm." And a Downton Abbey reference! Could I be any more smitten with the lines tonight?

    Minimal Winston, unless he has an individual story that is absolutely worth screen time? Check. And while I'm on Winston, how about bringing back Shelby, who gave him some interesting screen time? Do something with Winston that makes me like him, please! One of the only times he really made me laugh was in Season 1 when he was singing Wicked while unknowingly driving Schmidt and Cece to the Mexican border.

    CeCe & Jess Worry

    Perhaps I liked this one because Jess and Cece were paired off and it was less about Nick and Jess transparently careening toward one another. I've never been a big Nick and Jess supporter, mostly because I still have trouble understanding Nick and where he's coming from. Plus, their screaming fights - that are supposed to speak to their passion for one another - just seem like easily avoidable and annoyingly loud arguments over nothing. 

    But tonight was about our biological clocks ticking. And while I resent that women sometimes feel forced into worrying about their fertility, it is real to me. This is a time where women are getting married later and later, which is great. It's socially acceptable to get hitched at a later age, date well into your 20's and maybe into your 30's.

    So concern about having kids at a time when we're fertile? Valid. Especially when your friend gynecologist comes over and tells you that at age 30, your egg count drops 90 percent. Which by the way, better be true. It's not cool to throw statistics like that into the universe. Especially on FOX.

    But the real heroes of tonight's episode? Definitely Cece and Schmidt. It takes another woman to educate Schmidt about enjoying sex more with someone you love. Ding, ding, ding! It finally dawns on him that he was, in fact, in love with Cece. And by the way, Schmidt's metaphorical diatribe on sex was perfection. A few things he mentioned along the way: sharing circle, spiking the volleyball, going under a bridge, meeting a troll and dancing til he can't dance anymore.  

    It seems the stars are aligning since it doesn't look like things are going to last much longer for Cece and her boyfriend Rob. When she asks him about having kids, he says he wants them maybe in 10 years are so. Poor Cece! She's basically living out one of my nightmares.

    What happens when you're on a clock to have children, but you're either A) single, B) with someone who doesn't want kids, or C) with someone great, but does not want kids immediately. These options could go on for awhile.

    I'll be curious to see what Cece decides to do because it does appear that she wants children. We just need to find out what Schmidt wants. Maybe we should ask a VaGenius. 

    Well done this week, New Girl

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    Nate Corddry has booked a role on New Girl Season 2.

    The actor (Harry's Law, United States of Tara) will guest star on the 14th episode of the season, coming on board as Edgar, a student in Jess' creative writing class… whose work freaks the heck of her and Nick.

    Nate Corddry on Law

    As reported by E! News, Corddry's character will only appear on one episode, but he'll make a frightening impression on Jess during that time.

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    While tonight's episode, "Bathtub," didn't exactly have the same punch as last week's "Eggs," I was still entertained. I think the writers are finally figuring out what to with Winston that works. Tonight's version of Winston loves baths and has panic attacks. Last week he narrated Nick's zombie novel with gusto. I can deal with a Winston like this, and I especially like him when he's paired up with Jess for a zany scheme, like tonight's Faux-Methhead robbery. 

    It also makes sense to me that Jess, who is forever arrested in her development, would not know or realize that she could take Schmidt's suits to the dry cleaners, even though initially, this idea boggled my mind. But this show is basically playing house for twenty-somethings, so I can hardly hold it responsible for not knowing something that most everyone I know is aware of. Right?

    Oh how I love Schmidt's douche jar. Whoever writes all of Schmidt's lines deserves something fantastic. I feel like that person is respected in the same way I used to respect the person who wrote all of Sue's lines on Glee. My personal favorite Schmidt line was something about citrus flavored condoms to represent a fresh summer.

    Winston & Jess' Bathtub Scheme

    But let's look at a more serious Schmidt. He started the episode on high after hearing Cece and Rob were broken up and ended it more depressed than he's ever been. I sincerely enjoyed last year's Cece/Schmidt relationship and I think that the show is dragging their relationship out because it's eventually going to be long term. So this whole fix-up thing Cece has going on will provide some comedy and buy some time for Schmidt and Cece to finally get together, get married, and have kids, by oh, Valentine's Day, AKA February Sweeps. At least that's my prediction. If not then, May Sweeps. 

    I liked the pigeon versus the dove symbol, too. This could just be the English teacher in me, but it makes sense that Schmidt's efforts to woo Cece aren't entirely successful here. He flaked on getting the real peace offering with the dove, and ended up bring the pigeon, which didn't quite work to solidify a long-term relationship. Just like he couldn't shop up for dinner on time or soberly, he was making a pigeon-esque effort when all Cece wants and deserves is the dove.

    I'm glad Nick met someone, although I doubt Olivia Munn's character Angie, will beat Lizzy Kaplan's Julia as far as cool Nick girlfriends goes. But then again, we haven't seen Angie the stripper interact with Jess, the innocent hipster. I'm sure there's a stripper lesson just waiting to be taught.

    Until next week, friends and fans. I'll be busy bathing in my medieval filth cauldron. 

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    A very beautiful girl is on the way to New Girl.

    According to Entertainment Weekly, super model Brooklyn Decker will guest star on the Fox sitcom some time in early 2013. She will stop by as Holly, a customer at Nick's bar over whom Winston, Nick and Schmidt compete.

    On the small screen, Decker has appeared on installments of Ugly Betty, Royal Pains, and Chuck.


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    Brenda Song is the latest addition to New Girl Season 2.

    The former Disney Channel star will appear on multiple episodes in early 2013, Entertainment Weekly confirms, portraying an especially competitive young woman named Daisy.

    Look for the character to set her sights on Winston after he fails to win over Brooklyn Decker's Holly.

    Brenda Song

    Song is best known for roles on The Suite Life with Zack and Cody and its spinoff The Suite Life and has also appeared on Scandal.

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    "Santa" does exist! In the form of a generous, bearded, black policeman! Tonight's episode was cute. It started and ended sweetly, and headed into the winter hiatus without any real questions. In fact, the only relationship that seems unsettled is the one between Cece and Schmidt. I'm curious about the number of fans that are all for Cece and Schmidt versus the ones who think they are a ridiculous couple together. I fall into the first camp, if that hasn't been made clear already.

    And although Sam is cute, I didn't think much about him between their last breakup and tonight's reunion. But Jess certainly seems thrilled. I can't imagine it ending too well though. I predict Nick and Angie will stay together, as will Sam and Jess. Then one of the couples will want to accelerate the commitment, but either Jess or Nick will sabotage their own relationship to be with the other person. Just a thought. Make sure to make some predictions of your own in the comments!

    Winston & Jess' Holiday DateThe best part of tonight's episode was definitely the scenes with Nick and Angie. I liked seeing Nick embarrass himself in the sleigh, which was equivalent to Jess' car modeling fiasco. And seeing him try and strip to a Christmas carol was stellar, along with Schmidt trying to show him a thing or two with his "eye contact." Angie doing the strip tease was sexy, but it just reminded me New Girl is on FOX.

    Another great moment? Jess singing "I don't know the words" to the tune of "Come All Ye Faithful". Oh, and Schmidt calling Christmas the "White Anglo Saxon Winter Privilege Night."

    One minor thing that drove me nuts about this episode? I hated Jess' coat. It reeked of "adorkable" and over the top adorned/cutesy. I know that this is Jess' style and it fits, but that coat symbolizes everything that is wrong with Jess to me. Stunted maturity, too naive, just young in a way that is supposed to be appealing, but sometimes ends up being completely absurd.

    Happy holidays, New Girl fans! And I'll see you in January!

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    After "White Anglo Saxon Winter Privilege Night" vacation - known to the rest of us as holiday break - Jess and the roommates are back! 

    Jess and sexy doctor Sam picked up on a good note with a trip planned to a "Cabin". Not quite ready for a weekend trip and doubting her skill to be enough fun, she invites Nick and Angie along. As always with couples vacations that include gray areas, things got interesting...

    ... which, by the way, is a good thing because the B storyline was so dumb this week I was actually bored of Schmidt and that NEVER happens. I want to be in a sandwich with Schmidt and Chris Messina (Danny from The Mindy Project), so basically if I'm crapping on anything Schmidt, that really says something.

    Jess' Weekend Away

    All I have to say about the B plot is that act like a fool and you deserve a prank like that. I get it, it's a sitcom and Schmidt's intentions were pure, but we're just lucky Winston has a sense of humor because a less funny show could have an offended character. Then again, Schmidt is Schmidt, he's a bumbling idiot most of the time. He's lovable but he can be an idiot. Plus, Winston is wise and creative enough to know exactly how to get back at him.

    I kinda wish they all went to the cabin together. Throw Cece in there and things could've gotten wild! Especially with the absinthe in the mix. As it was, it was enough to have four people who were kinda awkward and pretending they were more comfortable in their relationships than they really were. 

    Even though it took a dangerous amount of The Green Fairy, I'm glad Nick finally admitted his feelings for Angie. He was trying for too hard to be cool and laid back. I get it dude, Olivia Munn is hot, but that level of faking your personality isn't good for anyone. I dod, however, love how wasted he got because Nick on absinthe is hilarious. 

    If you were a hat, you'd be a top hat. But like a really big monopoly one. And I say that with the deepest compliments. | permalink

    Also hilarious was how Angie knew exactly what it would take to get Jess mad at the can. Tell her it doesn't respect her arts and crafts section of the apartment and boom! Mission accomplished. 

    What did you think of this week's New Girl? Did you love both stories or did you find Winston and Schmidt's to be kinda eh? Are you sad to see Angie go?

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    This was not New Girl's finest hour.

    While "A Father's Love" did attempt to tug on the viewer's heartstrings, it mostly failed to actually make me laugh for the majority of the half hour. As always, Schmidt had the winning lines, but tonight's episode banked too hard on horse semen and a weird Nick diabetic dance to carry the laughs.

    It's interesting watching New Girl when it tries to do serious and heartfelt. I remember liking the episode on New Girl Season 1 titled "The Injury," but also thinking it wasn't all that humorous. It must be a difficult balance to strike: to be hilarious and also warm. But other comedies do it better.

    I'm thinking of Parks and Recreation in particular, which allows its well-developed characters to be themselves and create their own moments. So maybe it was the the appearance of Nick's father that didn't quite do it for me?

    Regardless, let me discuss the few moments in between that did work: Schmidt and Robby uniting to form some kind of Ocean's Twelve group to take out any of Cece's potential suitors was great. Especially the En Vogue song in the background at the bar when they were plotting. But I'm a sucker for Schmidt basically doing anything that involves some kind of monologue. He's one of my favorite comedic characters on television right now.

    NIck's Father Returns

    I also didn't hate the minor moments with Winston buying into Mr. Miller's conning and fearing him. Winston has moved up in my book after last week's messing with Schmidt. Again, any character who interacts with Schmidt is elevated and Winston was also finally given a really funny storyline to bolster his character's likability. I like that this show isn't afraid to talk about race and laugh about it. I wasn't offended, but it's hard to know the temperature of all the other viewers who watch. I digress.

    As I said though, the horse stuff was a little rough going for me. Curious how everyone else viewed the episode. Jess was being perfectly Jess though in her gullible, too-trusting self. And so it makes sense she'd be so frustrated at being wrong in the end. Enter angry sink fixing. So it's not like anyone was out of character. I think the mix this time around just didn't work.

    And now we have another piece of the Nick puzzle. Although I almost wish we could have gotten this piece from a quick flashback rather than an entire episode devoted to his con artist father with a love for the races. Speaking of con artists and flashbacks, the last time I remember hearing con artist this much was when Lost was on and Sawyer was working his latest con.

    I'll leave you with Sawyer for one remaining image from this piece. Or horse semen. Your pick. 

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    Yes, it's titled New Girl. But if you’re like me, you watch this sitcom just as much for Jess as for Schmidt, Winston and, of course, Nick, played by Jake Johnson.

    To which beloved comic character does the actor compare Nick? How will things go when Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker appears on next week’s episode? And will Nick and Jess ever be more than roommates?

    Johnson gave TV Fanatic some surprising answers when he sat down for a chat at the Fox All-Star Party last week...


    TV Fanatic: Nick’s romantic life is so much fun because you almost assume he is going to screw something up.
    Jake Johnson: I kind of feel like Nick, in terms of romance, is a bit of an adult Charlie Brown and what I mean by that... season one I didn’t understand who Nick was at all and then in [New Girl Season 2] I really felt like the writers have honed in. I really thought about it when I was doing the Christmas episode with Olivia [Munn, who played Angie, Nick’s stripper girlfriend for three episodes].

    This man is with a woman who’s as attractive as Angie and saying ‘I want to have sex with you tonight’ and as I was at the table read I thought ‘How is this idiot going to screw it up?’ because I knew he will - and then as he screws it upm I thought like ‘who is this guy?’ It made me think of Charlie Brown whenever there’s something good. His friends tease him and then he runs up to it and screws up and I’m like ‘That’s what Nick is like with romance. He is going to this point of his life, find a way, who knows how... but find a way to ruin something that’s as easy as kicking a football and that’s his relationship with Olivia Munn.

    Jake Johnson Promo Pic

    TVF: How was having Brooklyn Decker on the show?
    JJ: She was surprisingly hilarious and, not as surprisingly, a very talented actress and a blast to work with. She came in and killed it. She plays... a girl who happens to be in Nick’s car window. She comes back to the loft and plays ‘True American,’ which is ‘Strip True American’ or ‘Sexy True American.’

    TVF: You’re in the second season and people know the show, people love the show and are very passionate about it. Does that change you or how does it affect your life?
    JJ: It’s an adjustment to be honest. I’ve been very lucky. I haven’t encountered anybody who’s been unpleasant... I’ve been always a ‘grinder actor’ and what I mean by ‘grinder’ is day jobs and commercials and a gig here and then nothing for years and then New Girl kind of changed it.

    TVF: What’s coming up for Nick later this season and will we ever see something with Jess?
    JJ: There’s a really nice episode where Nick is single and then gets sick of being the same old Nick. And you get to see a different side of him with Jess.

    TVF:  Does Nick try to make things happen with her?
    JJ: I can’t say that. But you do see a different side of Nick and you start to see who Nick might be and I think with Jess you start to see who Jess might become. I think like most human beings you screw up and then you get to a part where you start saying ‘I’m sick of making the same mistakes.’ Nick hasn’t got there yet.

    I think Nick is still spiraling. Whatever made him drop out of law school and when Caroline dumped him... I think he’s got to start making those corrections and those are the corrections that make him an adult, but he hasn’t made them yet.

    TVF: You’re getting associated with this role and show, but how do you make sure you’re not Nick Miller in Hollywood and with other roles either on TV or movies?
    JJ: That’s interesting. My thought on it is I never had a love interest or a girlfriend in any project that I’ve ever done from theater to movies until I met Liz Meriwether. So I don’t have a fear of being typecast as Nick Miller because it doesn’t feel like my natural go-to. I love playing Nick and I love being on this TV show, but as a guy I’m not like 'that’s what always comes easy to me.' I think deep down I’m more naturally a character guy.

    TVF: You’re from Chicago.
    JJ: I am.

    TVF: Indiana native here. So I know that Chicago is such a great town and has so much more creativity than people realize.
    JJ: I agree a hundred percent. Quickly look who came out Chicago: Bill Murray, Chris Farley, even though he was Wisconsin, he spent his developing years there, Tina Fey is Philly, spent her development years there. The Midwest is different.

    I always feel a bit of an outsider in [Los Angeles] because I didn’t start working as an actor until I was 27. So I spent so many years doing day jobs and working and not making it and being successful. So it all feels more like a fun game rather than something handed to me or something that I’m entitled to and I think there’s something about that outsider mentality that is very Chicago.

    New Girl airs a new episode, "Pepperwood," tonight at 9/8c on Fox.

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  • 01/22/13--22:40: New Girl Review: Pogo Sticks
  • Well, "Pepperwood" was certainly more enjoyable than last week's New Girl, although equally as silly in most of its parts.

    The best aspect of this episode? Pogo. What's your pogo? I am now wracking my brain trying to think about the one thing my friends would all discuss behind my back. This could stir up some trouble if I'm not careful!

    Nick Goes Undercover

    Did we ever find out Cece's pogo? Or does she just not have one? Is it that she's pretty? Because if it is, that's just not fair. But also completely unsurprising. At any rate, I was a little shocked that Jess' was her know-it-all-ness considering I would have picked her aversion to big girl words. But I suppose if they're friends with her, they find this charming. Which, let's face it, most of the time it is.

    Winston's pogo was more of the literal kind. And God bless him. I don't even know how to discuss it in this review without laughing. Winston has been written as a much more likable character in the last few episodes, which I'm grateful for. I'm now sold on him more than I am on Nick, although Nick as the protector of Jess does make him seem quite likable. And his face when he saw Edgar's drawing in class was priceless.

    The whole Edgar situation was pretty ridiculous, but it served to get Jess and Nick together in a wacky and humorous situation, so it worked for me. Especially Edgar's mother girlfriend, which surprised me when I didn't think I could be surprised anymore. Eating waffles has a whole new disgusting meaning.

    And as a Chicagoan, I was simultaneously offended and tickled when Nick impersonated a man from the Windy City. But it's true: there is no substitute for deep dish pizza. And there isn't much in Los Angeles that comes close.

    Classic moments from this episode include:

    • Schmidt's sea snake dance.
    • Schmidt's eyebrows.
    • Schmidt's numerous names for his barnacle toenails.
    • Winston's instant pogo when everyone hugged him after the fire.

    Browse through our New Girl quotes section and then sound off with your favorite!

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