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    Did the gang believe Jess?

    That was addressed on New Girl Season 6 Episode 15 when it became apparent that she would be spending Valentine's day alone.

    However, Jess wanted her friends to think she was happy being single. 

    Meanwhile, Schmidt was busy running for a big promotion. 

    What did he have to do to prove he was worthy of the new job?

    Also, Winston's proposal to Ally was moved up. 

    Did she accept the proposal?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get caught up on the latest drama. 

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    Did Jess get her relaxing day?

    That was addressed on New Girl Season 6 Episode 16 when Nick and Schmidt felt it would be a good idea to plan a day trip for Jess. 

    Meanwhile, Cece helped Winston conclude his divorce from Rhonda. 

    How long did it take?

    Also, a string of pranks between Winston and Aly almost ruined an important milestone for Winston. 

    What was it?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters on this hit comedy series. 

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    Whether they're good at listening to your problems or simply helping you forget them with a strong drink, these TV bartenders certainly are memorable.

    From a classic character who runs a place where everyone will know your name to one who's known to break into song, here's a list of 15 TV bartenders who will help you drink your troubles away.

    Which bartender is your favorite, and who else would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    1. Greg Serranno (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

    Greg serranno crazy ex girlfriend
    Oh Greg, how we miss you. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Greg Serrano is one of the first friends Rebecca Bunch makes in her move to West Covina, California. He's not only a great bartender, but he can sing, too!

    2. Sarah Braverman (Parenthood)

    Sarah braverman parenthood
    Sarah Braverman is one of those characters you wish you could be best friends with. She makes the decision to move with her kids back home when she has no where else to go, and works as a bartender to make ends meet. She's whimsical, hard-working, and great at her job, though eventually she finds a new passion and a new career.

    3. Sam Malone (Cheers)

    Sam malone cheers
    Sam Malone from Cheers is the iconic cool-guy bartender. Owner and bartender at Cheers, he's a laid back guy who's great with his customers. There's no other bar like his, and he makes it the kinf of place you can go where everybody knows your name. (Cue the theme song!)

    4. Joe (Grey's Anatomy)

    Joe greys anatomy
    Owner of The Emerald City Bar across from the hospital, Joe could take a little credit for Meredith and Derek's love story. In the very least, he was the person who watched them meet for the first time. And when he collapsed in the bar, he was lucky to be surrounded by doctors, and received an out of the ordinary operation that saved his life. It's a been a while since we've seen good old Joe, though there's no explanation to why that is.

    5. Luke Cage (Jessica Jones / Luke Cage)

    Luke cage jessica jones slash luke cage
    Luke Cage is likely the coolest bartender on this list. We first see him appear on Jessica Jones when she stops by his bar, but we quickly learn his bartending abilities are nothing compared to his superhuman abilities.

    6. Dee (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

    Dee its always sunny in philadelphia
    True, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Dee isn't exactly what you'd call a skilled bartender -- or a friendly one -- but she certainly is memorable!
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    Did Jess manage to become the cool Principal?

    That was her plan on New Girl Season 6 Episode 17 when she realized the students did not think highly of her.

    She reeled in Nick to help her get a popularity bump among the students. 

    Meanwhile, Schmidt hired a go-getter as an assistant. 

    Did this give him the motivation to do his work in a timely manner?

    Also, Winston was concerned that Ferguson was two-timing him. 

    How did he get the truth?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get caught up on the latest drama. 

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    Will they or won't they seems to be the usual question for couples on TV shows. 

    But the real question should be "should they or shouldn't they?"

    It doesn't always turn out for the best when couples get together. The thrill of watching their tension quickly fades once they step over the line, and it's not always fun to watch after that happens.

    Some shows just die after their couples get together and even breaking them up can't save the show. 

    Check out our list of couples we think cursed their own TV shows!

    1. Rick and Kate - Castle

    Rick and kate castle
    It's always more fun watching a couple struggle with their emotions than seeing them actually get together, but Rick and Kate were the exception. That is until things got goofy with their wedding and then the marriage itself. Maybe Castle would still be around if the couple would have just stayed friends.

    2. Mulder and Scully - The X-Files

    Mulder and scully the x files

    3. Nick and Jess - New Girl

    Nick and jess new girl
    Another couple doomed from the moment they locked lips. Yes, viewers wanted them to get together, but once they did the thrill was gone. Like every other couple before them, they broke up, but the ratings have never recovered.

    4. Booth and Brennan - Bones

    Booth and brennan bones
    After six seasons, Booth and Brennan finally got together, but why can't couples just be happy on TV? Is the show a crime drama or a back and forth love story?

    5. Jim and Pam - The Office

    Jim and pam the office
    There is no doubt that Jim and Pam deserved to be together. They actually got to live happily ever after. However, their pairing still hurt the show's ratings, once again proving that putting a much-loved couple together isn't always the wisest choice.

    6. House and Cuddy - House

    House and cuddy house
    It was always fun watching these two together, but once they solidified their relationship, what was there to look forward to? House and Cuddy ended up breaking up, but it might just have been a way to bring up sagging ratings.
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    Did Jess make her feelings known to Reagan?

    That was addressed on New Girl Season 6 Episode 18 when she noticed that Reagan was spending a little too much time as Nick's "girlfriend."

    Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece worried that their home's security was not up to their standard and grew concerned that things were going to get bad. 

    What did they do?

    Also, Aly told Winston an embarrassing secret about her past, but did find it cute?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters. 

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    Did Jess come clean about her feelings for Nick?

    That was a key question on New Girl Season 6 Episode 19 when she made her way to Portland to look after her father. 

    Meanwhile, Nick realized that he and Reagan knew little about one another, but did this pave the way for the end of their relationship?

    Also, Aly was upset that her introduction to Winston's mother was ruined, but did she manage to fix it?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get caught up on the latest drama. 

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    How did Jess feel about staying with her dad in Portland?

    That was addressed on New Girl Season 6 Episode 20 when the pair helped each other with their love lives. 

    Meanwhile, Nick turned to Aly for help with his relationship to Reagan when things went awry, but did it mean the couple was over?

    Also, Schmidt considered using his first name in the hopes of coming across as professional. 

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the characters. 

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    The fates of several Fox series are still very much up in the air. 

    With a handful of shows already renewed, the network's plans will become clearer in the current weeks. With so many underperforming dramas, there's a good chance some of them will make it for another season. 

    New Girl, which we earlier thought was a sure thing, has been downgraded. The cast seems to think there's a very real possibility the show is toast. 

    Sleepy Hollow has been lucky in the past, but don't expect it to be this time around. Being the lowest rated drama will send it straight to the TV show afterlife. 

    Have a look below to find out how all of the Fox shows stack up. 

    We have separate posts for CBS, The CW, NBC and ABC

    1. Empire - Renewed

    Empire certain renewal
    Empire is down almost 30 percent in Season 3, but it is still the number one show on Fox by a long way. Season 3 is averaging 8.6 million viewers and a 3.2 rating among adults 18-49. The show catapults double digits in delayed viewing, so it will be on the air for another few years.

    2. The Simpsons - Renewed

    The simpsons certain renewal
    Thanks to multiple NFL overruns, The Simpsons is up almost 15 percent to 4.6 million viewers and a 1.9 rating. This one is not going anywhere.

    3. 24: Legacy - Likely Cancellation

    This show was poised to be a big hit, but it has struggled in the ratings. Season 1 is averaging 5.7 million viewers and a 1.6 rating. Take out the premieres 6.1 rating and the show is averaging a 1.0 rating. It is not doing as well as Gotham was in the slot. Unless ratings turn around, the franchise could be over.

    4. Lethal Weapon - Renewed

    Lethal weapon certain renewal
    Lethal Weapon has been a surprising success for Fox. It averaged 6.5 million viewers and a 1.6 rating. It held up well airing without Empire, so it can hold its own.

    5. Star - Renewed

    Star renewed
    Star was a surprising success story for Fox. It averaged 4.2 million viewers and a 1.3 rating. It performed well in delayed viewing.

    6. Family Guy - Certain Renewal

    Family guy certain renewal
    Family Guy is down almost 10 percent this season. It is currently averaging 2.9 million viewers and a 1.3 rating. The show gets a decent bump in delayed viewing and will be around for another few years.
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    How did Nick really feel about Jess?

    That was revealed on New Girl Season 6 Episode 21 when Jess opened up about her feelings for him. 

    Meanwhile, Nick met with a book publisher about his idea, but did it develop the way he wanted it to?

    Also, Aly helped Winston reunite with an important person, but did the person want to be reunited?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online to get caught up with the latest drama for the characters on this hilarious Fox comedy series.