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    What changed in three years?

    That was revealed on New Girl Season 7 Episode 1 when we picked up some time after Nick and Jess managed to get together.

    Jess and Nick returned from a European book tour for "The Pepperwood Chronicles" and had to confront a shocking stage of their relationship. 

    Also, Schmidt and Cece celebrated their daughter's birthday, but who was missing from the event?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic. 

    Get caught up with all the latest laughs as this hit Fox comedy returns for its final season. 

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    Did Jess get more responsibility?

    That was revealed on New Girl Season 7 Episode 2 as Cece urged her friend to turn to her boss to get some more tasks to do in her new job. 

    Meanwhile, Nick worried when he failed to come up with ideas for his new book, but was he going about it all wrong?

    Also, Schmidt struggled to get Ruth to sleep and asked for help. 

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic. 

    Get caught up with the latest developments on the final season of this hit show. 

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    Did Ruth manage to get into a new pre-school?

    That was the big question on New Girl Season 7 Episode 3 when Schmidt turned to Jess for help to prepare. 

    Meanwhile, Nick continued to try and steer clear of the writing, and it made him change focus, but was it too late?

    Also, Winston prepared to confront his fear of testifying in court, but which one of his friends stepped up to help him out?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic. 

    Get caught up with all the laughs right now. 

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    Who died?

    That was revealed on New Girl Season 7 Episode 4 as the gang joined forces to celebrate the life of a beloved friend who died one year before. 

    With emotions running high, someone felt the need to cause some unnecessary drama. 

    Who was it?

    Meanwhile, Jess discovered that Coach owed Nick a large sum of money and set out to get repayment. 

    Did she go too far with her outlandish tactics?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic. 

    Get caught up with all the latest developments right now. 

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    Did Winston find his father?

    That was the big concern on New Girl Season 7 Episode 6 when the soon-to-be father revealed that he wanted to get in contact with his long-lost father. 

    Meanwhile, Nick planned to propose to Jess, but it was derailed when Jess bought a dog. 

    Also, Schmidt wondered whether he and Cece could cope with another baby and worried about his wife getting pregnant. 

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic. 

    Get caught up with all the laughs as this hit comedy series gears up for a big conclusion. 

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    The Neighborhood has been ordered to series at CBS, but there's a big change coming to the comedy before it even hits the air. 

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the New Girl veteran has been added to the cast and will replace House of Lies alum, Josh Lawson. 

    The series follows “the nicest guy in the Midwest” who uproots his family and moves to a neighborhood in L.A. that is not one of the most desirable ones.

    Max Greenfield Photo

    Greenfield will play Dave Johnson on the series which is expected to land on the fall schedule at CBS. 

    Cedric the Entertainer also stars on the series as Dave's next door neighbor, who clashes with Dave on some occasions due to their differing opinions. 

    Related: CBS Picks Up Comedies From Cedric the Entertainer and Damon Wayans Jr.

    Greenfield has been part of the New Girl cast for the past seven seasons, but the Fox comedy will come to a close Tuesday with a one-hour series finale. 

    Max Greenfield Picture

    New Girl Season 7 took a big leap into the future to give viewers a glimpse of what more grown-up versions of the characters are like, but if you watch New Girl online, you will know they've essentially been the same. 

    Related: New Girl Renewed for Seventh and Final Season at Fox!

    New Girl was given an eleventh-hour renewal last year for a final season after ratings continued to slip for the comedy series. 

    Aside from the Fox comedy, Max has also appeared in American Crime Story, Veronica Mars, and Ugly Betty. 

    He is Greenfield

    CBS canceled multiple comedy series over the weekend as it gears up to announce what's on tap for the 2018-2019 TV season. 

    What do you think of this recasting?

    Hit the comments below. 

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    Two big life-changing decisions rocked the gang on New Girl Season 7 Episode 7 as Winston and Aly's big wedding arrived. 

    With Jess wondering whether her relationship was coming to an end, she failed to notice an act of kindness from a stranger. 

    Meanwhile, the gang embarked on a tour down memory lane and it included them indulging in a final round of "True American."

    How did it all end for the characters?

    Use the video above to watch New Girl online right here via TV Fanatic. 

    Get caught up with how the series came to a close right now!

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    Have you ever noticed how TV weddings never seem to go as planned?

    We often see our favorite couples spend weeks planning the perfect ceremony. They tour venues, try on dresses and tuxedos, sample twenty different varieties of cake, and yet when the big day comes, all of their planning goes right down the toilet. 

    Natural disasters, car crashes, wardrobe mishaps, and even the occasional cold feet can threaten to derail the couple's ideal wedding. 

    We've decided to compile a list of some of the more noteworthy wedding day disasters, but the good news is, despite the universe's best attempts, they all still made it down the aisle! 

    Check out some our favorite TV weddings that were nearly derailed, and be sure to let us know which ones you think were the craziest! 


    1. Alex and Jo - Grey's Anatomy

    Alex and jo greys anatomy
    Honestly, Grey's weddings could take up a good portion of this slideshow by themselves. Everything seemed to be going well for Alex and Jo, until half of the wedding guests went to the wrong location. Since the wedding was delayed anyway, Alex and Jo took the opportunity to sneak off for a little fun, but then wound up locked in a shed with a corpse.

    Needless to say, the wedding did not go as planned, but thanks to Meredith getting ordained online last minute, the couple tied the knot on the ferry ride back home. At least the wedding April planned didn't go to waste -- she ended up marrying Matthew!

    2. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Jake and amy brooklyn 99
    Jake and Amy went through a lot of turmoil to plan the perfect wedding, but it all went out the window when a bomb threat was called in, forcing everyone to evacuate the venue. If that wasn't bad enough, the head of the bomb squad was taking his sweet time clearing the area thanks to the fact that he was still harboring feelings for Amy. To add insult to injury, Terry lost the veil!

    By the time the bomb was found, the original wedding (and Amy's dress) was caput. Luckily, Gina has no tact, and was planning to wear a white dress, saving Amy's wardrobe. The rest of the team came together to turn the precint into a beautiful wedding venue, and the couple said their vows at the place where they spent the last couple of years falling in love.

    3. Mike and Phoebe - Friends

    Mike and phoebe friends
    If you plan a wedding in New York City in the winter, you run the risk of a snowstorm derailing everything. The blizzard was so bad, that the priest couldn't make it. Luckily, Joey was still ordained from Chandler and Monica's wedding, so he stepped in to officiate. Getting married on the street outside of Central Perk may not have been what they planned, but it was beautiful anyway. Thankfully it was a short ceremony, because Phoebe was freezing in just her dress!

    4. Leonard and Penny - The Big Bang Theory

    Leonard and penny the big bang theory
    Leonard and Penny decided to elope in Las Vegas, which seemed spontaneous and romantic, until Leonard decided it was the perfect time to inform Penny that he had kissed another woman. His logic of wanting to go into their marriage with no secrets made sense, but this was something he should have disclosed to her much, much earlier. It very easily could have prompted Penny to put the kibosh on the whole thing, but they went through with a lovely ceremony with their own vows that their friends could stream online. The wedding didn't end the fighting, but they eventually got through it. They even held a second ceremony for their families to attend.

    5. Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation

    Ben and leslie parks and recreation
    Ben and Leslie decided they simply couldn't wait any longer to be married. Everyone they loved was already in Pawnee, so why not go for it? Of course, spontaneous weddings tend to hit a few snags. Tom gets ordained to officiate, but it turns out his certificate won't arrive for 24 hours. Ron and Ben go to a pawn shop for rings, but don't find anything useful. Ann is tasked with making the dress, but it's not going well.

    In the end, it turns out Jerry is ordained, so he can perform the ceremony. Ron fashions two rings out of a fixture from the wall, and Ann makes one of the best wedding dresses in TV history out of documents from Leslie's career. Just when it seemed everything was working out, Jamm tries to ruin the wedding with stink bombs, causing Ron to punch him and get arrested. Ann bails him out, and the couple is surprised with a beautiful wedding inside the Parks and Recreation department. Honestly, it could not have been more perfect.

    6. Marshall and Lily - How I Met Your Mother

    Marshall and lily how i met your mother
    It was one disaster after another for Marshall and Lily. First of all, Marshall, do not experiment with highlights on the day of your wedding. There is a reason most women do hair trials before the big day. The tips were bad enough, but they were still better than the bald spot he accidentally shaved trying to get rid of them. That wasn't even the worst of it! The flowers weren't there on time, the harpist went into labor, and Lily's veil was ruined!

    Most couples would have thrown in the towel at that point and rescheduled, but not these two. Their friends took them outside and helped them get the small, intimate wedding they've always wanted, complete with a guitar player. Thankfully, someone found Marshall a hat!

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  • 06/11/18--08:00: 13 Endgame Couples We Love
  • Some people say it's all about the journey, but what's a journey without a destination in mind?

    Different TV shows all feature their own unique relationships but usually tend to follow similar patterns and narrative structures. Some 'ships may be together right off the bat, while others take years of agonizing buildup before we finally get to see them set sail.

    The couples that end up together during a show's series' finale earn the term "endgame," indicating that they're the final relationship for both characters involved. To put it in simpler terms, if you're lucky enough to love an endgame ship it usually means your favorite couple is going to be together forever.

    Although there are still tons of shows currently airing with ships we're rooting for, here are 13 couples we love that ended up together in their show's series finale.

    1. Jim and Pam - The Office

    Jim and pam the office
    Jim and Pam were just one of those couples that you couldn't help but love. Their friendship was one of the many highlights of The Office and their love story was so much deeper than what you would expect from a comedy show about a paper company. Seeing them go from co-workers with a crush to an eventual married couple with a family was one of the purest things we ever got to experience on our televisions.

    2. Kurt and Blaine - Glee

    Kurt and blaine glee
    Kurt and Blaine's relationship will easily make anyone believe in love. Kurt spent the first season of Glee struggling and feeling alone, but Blaine helped give him the courage to be proud of who he is. Although the two have had their fair share of ups and downs, their love for each other could never be diminished and they end the series married with Rachel as their surrogate.

    3. Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf

    Stiles and lydia teen wolf
    No one knows true patience unless they shipped Stydia. Ever since the pilot episode of Teen Wolf aired, the show had been building towards an eventual romance between the pairing. After years of friendship, the two finally confessed their love for each other on the show's final season and were still happily together after the time jump in the series finale. Even though the wait was agonizing, we wouldn't change a single thing about their story. Except more Stiles in 6B.

    4. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

    Damon and elena the vampire diaries
    Damon was drawn to Elena from the very start of The Vampire Diaries. Since he started off the show as a villain, it took quite a few seasons for Elena to see him as someone she could be with. After Stefan leaves town, Damon and Elena grow closer during their search for him. Their relationship is made official in Season 4 and although Nina Dobrev left the show, Elena returned in the series finale to reunite with Damon once and for all.

    5. Nick and Jess - New Girl

    Nick and jess new girl
    The relationship between Nick and Jess was always a big part of New Girl. Although their status changed throughout the series, it was obvious that they had a deep love for one another. Whether they were best friends or more, Nick and Jess always seemed to glow in each other's presence. Despite not going exactly as planned, Nick's proposal to Jess was absolutely adorable and their beautiful ending was well deserved.

    6. Emily and Alison - Pretty Little Liars

    Emily and alison pretty little liars
    Ever since the beginning of the show, Emily was in love with Alison. Aware of Emily's love for her, Alison always made Emily believe her feelings were one-sided. After Alison's resurrection from the dead, she confessed to Emily that their kisses weren't just for practice. Although it took a lot of time and redemption on Alison's part, her proposal to Emily at the end of the series is proof that love truly does conquer all.
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    Getting to watch two characters crush on one another is just as fun as finally having them admit to it. 

    Sometimes it is through a speech, or a look, or even a surprising kiss.

    It is all about the way their relationship had managed to build up to that point and the satisfying way that it all paid off in the end. It isn't always that you get a well written couple that manages to take their relationship to the next level almost effortlessly.

    Below is a slideshow of couples that had some of the most memorable crush confirmations, whether they were explicit or not. It is safe to say that they are all making us really jealous about our own crush progress right about now.  

    1. Klaus and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

    Klaus and caroline the vampire diaries
    Ever since Klaus saved Caroline's life, he started to crush really hard on her. It was very obvious that Klaus was willing to wait until Caroline was ready for a relationship with him, but thankfully we still got some validation in the form of a steamy reunion in the woods. It took a few years but eventually the two found each other again on The Originals and are sailing right towards endgame status.

    2. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

    Bellamy and clarke the 100
    Bellamy and Clarke are the exception to the rule, they haven't said it but have managed to show it over and over again. Besides the interesting camera work this season on The 100 when it comes to Clarke looking at Bellamy, this season during the fourth season is the closest they have come to voicing something. Bellamy chose the end of the world as the push he needed to let Clarke know, but she cut him off because she wouldn't accept that this was their last moment together.

    3. Jonah and Amy - Superstore

    Jonah and amy superstore
    It was obvious from the pilot that Jonah and Amy had a spark, and the two always hovered around their feelings for one another. There was just something about this scene when Jonah mentions he liked Amy not expecting her to admit that she did too. Suffice to say, his reaction was priceless.

    4. Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters

    Magnus and alec shadowhunters
    It took Alec a while to figure out how to be himself even when he felt like he had a duty to his family. This beautiful moment during his wedding when he finally lets himself just be who he always was and to go be with Magnus who he has feelings for was so important.

    5. Jim and Pam - The Office

    Jim and pam the office
    The first two seasons of the show were counting down to the moment when Jim would clue Pam into just how much he liked her. At first she denied feeling anything back, but then she kissed him back and the rest was history. It may have still take them a little while to actually get together yet their feelings were never something that could be questioned.

    6. Kat and Adena - The Bold Type

    Kat and adena the bold type
    Kat and Adena had a truly stunning first kiss, not before Kat laid it all out there though. Her speech to Adena meant a lot not only because of the way it started their relationship, but also because of what it meant for Kat as a woman slowly realizing that she is queer. It is safe to say that watching this scene on repeat is a huge must.
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